Rickard Pettersson

Jupitervägen 23, 611 60 Nyköping - 0731-59 66 05 - mail@rickardp.se

I am a 34 years old system developer with most intrest in web development, worked full-time employee as system developer in over 12 years and developed as as hobby to friends and own projects in like 7 years before that but most web projects.

I have also a big intrest in technical stuff and special computers, have helpt friends and friends friends with computers almost as long time i has been programming websites, some people calling me "computer export" i like to prefer to say that i am a advanced computer guy.


Team leader of the swedish system developer team at AXS

Transticket AB > AXS Sweden AB

I started 18 April 2011 as a Web Developer and in 2018 after around 7 years i got the role as Team leader of the Swedish system developer team.

Developing desktop and mobile websites, APIs and integrations in programing languages and technologies as ASP.NET MVC, .NET Core, ASP.NET WebAPI, C#, MySQL, MariaDB, NPoco, PetaPoco, nHibernate, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Visual Studio, Twitter Bootstrap, Materialize.

The team i working with developing a ticketing system called Transticket that are the biggest ticketing system in Sweden in sports, being used of Swedish customers like SHL (Svenska hockeyligan), SEF (Svensk Elitfotboll), Stockholm Live and many others.

The company was named Transticket AB from the begining but changed name to AXS Sweden AB after being buyed of Outbox Technologies that being owned of AXS that is owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG).

Under the years i have been main developer in a lot of integration projects and here is some example of integrations:

  • Klarna Checkout - One of the largest payment provider in the world today
  • Payex - One of Swedish biggest payment provider
  • Link mobility - SMS Service provider
  • Skidata - Access control system
  • Team Access - Access control system
  • Activity Stream - Business Intelligience System
  • Wywallet - Mobile payment provider (not existing anymore)
  • Dibs - One of Swedish payment provider
  • SEF CEE - Supplier integration system, syncing tickets and ticket buyers between different providers
  • SHL Datalake - Supplier integration system, syncing tickets and ticket buyers between different providers

In the role from the begining it has been technical support to our first and second line supporters and clients that selling tickets, for support we used Freshdesk and Axsosoft OnTime as support ticket system.

To plan and do development we using system and tech like Jira, Trello, Git, Github, Visual Studio, SourceTree, SVN, Windows Servers.

April 2011 - Present

Founder and CTO

Connect Data i Nyköping AB

This company started up as a company with one webservice to digitalize all papper and the comany was named "Paperless Office i Nyköping AB" but after a while we changed focus and for around one year we haved a webshop called Datorbutik.se but now we doing some consulting as system developer and IT solutions for some small companys.

C# - ASP.NET MVC - jQuery - MySQL - Maria DB - Visual Studio - NPoco

2013 - Present

System Developer

Viewserve AB > SBG

- March 2007 - November 2010 @ Viewserve AB (part of Hexagon Group)
- November 2010 - April 2011 @ Svenska Byggnadsgeodesi AB (same employment but in another company in the corporate group)

Development and GIS administration.

C# - VB.NET - ASP.NET - ASP.NET MVC - JS (ExtJS, jQuery) - MySQL - KayakHttp - Enterprise Library - Visual Studio - Windows Server - ESRI ArcView (ShapeFile, CAD-files)

July 2010 - December 2011


EarlyAdapters AB

Internship as office and technical worker..

2006 - 2007


Basic course in VB.NET/objectoriented programming

3 days basic course in objectoriented programming with VB.NET as language.

Upper secondary school

Gripenskolan, Nyköping, Sweden
Technical and computer upper secondary school education.
2003 - 2006


  • Windows (as desktop OS and server in a lot of different versions)
  • Exchange Server (hosted own server + adminisrate a small company server)
  • Linux (Cent OS, Debian, Ubuntu) as both server to different application servers and some desktop using
  • Office 365 (administration of some different accounts)
  • Windows Domain Controller (some administration)
  • Windows network (setuped networks in a lot of different sizes)
  • VMWare ESXi (have different own servers hosting virtual machines)
  • AWS (setuped some servers)
  • Nakivo VM Backups

Programming Languages & Tools
  • C#
  • VB.NET
  • .NET Core
  • ASP Classic (VBSript)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PetaPoco
  • NPoco

Drone card

In Sweden it come a new law saying you need to take a drone card if you running a drone that have a camera on it so i did that and i registry me as operator also, more information in swedish on Transportstyrelsen.se/dronare.

If needed i can show up the original images without removed numbers.


Culture Awards i got on AXS

  • Be The Spark - 2020 - AXS Culture Award
    Description of the award in Swedish: "Vår klippa. Rickard är den orubbliga stabiliteten i AXS. Troligen den som fått flesta korkade frågor från mig på företaget men fortfarande alltid ger snabba och tydliga svar. Det är aldrig lång väg att få ett svar eller handling från Rickard och man blir konstant imponerad över hans kunskap."

  • Make It Personal - 2019 - AXS Culture Award
    Description of the award in Swedish: "Relationer bygger vår framgång. Vi tror att öppen, ärlig och proaktiv kommunikation bygger förtroende och driver oss att göra vårt bästa. Vi håller oss själva ansvariga för beslut, handlingar och beteenden."

  • Be Real - 2018 - AXS Culture Award
    Motivation in Swedish: "En person som alltid strävar efter att utvecklas både i grupp och personligt, en lagspelare och en lojal kollega som offrar sin egna tid för att säkra företagets. Vi vill med den här nomineringen att personen ska känna sig uppskattad för sina prestationer."

  • Bring Your A Game - 2017 - AXS Culture Award
    Motivation in Swedish: "Vi har en person hos oss som passar väldigt bra in på den beskrivningen. Personen är engagerad, noggrann och ser alltid till detaljerna. Försöker alltid att hjälpa en kollega eller kund i nöd oavsett vilken tid på dygnet som personens insats behövs."


  • Photography with drones
  • PC Gaming
  • TV Series (most drama)
  • Entreprenurship



Webservice to handle scheduled work orders as both administrator and as the one doing the work.


A page where i show of some of my drone pictures i taken over the years.

Swish for handel .Net Standard Library

I have worked many hours to get Swish for handel to work in C# and GetSwish AB don´t have any example codes more then cURL so i released a .Net Standard Library to do the integration in any kind of .Net 4.6.1 or .Net Core 2.1 project simple. It is open source at Github and released as a NuGet. This was a upgrade to the MVC project below that now using this library.

Information about GetSwish ABs QR codes

GetSwish AB have open up for users to scan a QR code and only press pay button and pay with Swish. They didnt give out how that QR code worked and no open API to genereate the QR codes so i created a page where i write how it works and open up a API to genereate QR codes with simple HTTP GET.

Hacks, tips & trix from and for lonesome system administrators

I have got a blog in many years on RickardP.se there i haved a tutorial for makeing a bootable USB stick for Windows 7 and that i used and some friends i now using it and then i changed that page to only have my CV so i liked to have another place to put my Tips & Trix and so i started this site.

Blog of my experience with my 3D printer

I have a 3D printer of model Crealtiy Ender 3 Pro and i blog on this site with some picture things i have printed and experience with it, in Swedish becouse when i started with this 3D printer no one else write about it in Swedish.

Customer sites

Anderslunds koloniträdgårdar

I helping my allotment garden union with setting up a wordpress and building membersite and are technical advicer.